Partnerships & Programs



NAACP ACT-SO Partnership

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to be introduced to a very successful endeavor which enhances the myriad talents of adolescents in the Prince George’s County Community. The NAACP ACT-SO program and its leaders demonstrate genuine devotion and focus to provide opportunities which allow talented youths to develop and grow in a variety of performing arts categories. We look forward to our continued partnership with ACT-SO and building on their very successful efforts that provide a platform, experiences, and exposure for youth interested in the performing arts.

Lady LaVerne Naughton, Co-Chairperson
Lady JuDonna Foreman, Co-Chairperson
The Society, Incorporated, Supporting the Arts
Harbor City Maryland Chapter 


CAAPA Partnership

Consistent with the goals and mission of The Society, Incorporated, Supporting the Arts, Harbor City Maryland Chapter, The Coalition of African Americans in the Performing Arts (CAAPA) supports encourages, and creates performance opportunities for students who are aspiring and emerging musicians in order to help foster their musical careers goals, dreams and ambitions. 

The Society, Incorporated, Supporting the Arts, Harbor City Maryland Chapter is committed to advocating, supporting, exposing and showcasing our youth in the, literary, performing, visual and instrumental arts. The goals include producing a sustainable and substantive arts program that will introduce youth to the arts and fill critical gaps in traditional access points to artistic pathways and/or careers; increasing student engagement in the arts through exposure to different genres; raising young people’s self-esteem and confidence through support of their artistic endeavors and showcasing the artistic skills and talents of youth to the community at large.


Lady Debra A. Mahone, Ed.D., Co-Chairperson
Lady Dianne Whitfield-Locke, Co-Chairperson
The Society, Incorporated, Supporting the Arts
Harbor City Maryland Chapter